Iran Sanat Industrial Refregiration Co. Was founded in 1979. Since then it has been actively designing, and producting refrigeration products for Labratories, Shops and warehouses. Iran Sanat was able to obtain Certificate of Operations from Ministry of Industrial Affairs in 1984. 

Iran Sanat opened its main showrom in 1997 in Azadi street with the goal of providing superior customer service and also widen its customer reach,

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In 2003 Iran Sanat started a new line of products focusing on protibility solutions. 


Iran Sanat Industrial Refrigeration Co. operates in three different factories. All three factories are awarded with ISO 9001-14001 and European Standard CE.

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Iran Sanat's R&D and Educational organization has recently been working on new innovating products to introduce locally made medical industrial solutions. 

Iran Sanat has also expanded its customer service organization with the goal of providing first class service to its global customer base.